World Class Trainers

Our Senseis and Instructors are all current or former high-level competitors who know what it takes to win and to produce the next generation of champions.  Team Tri-City Judo has produced multiple state and national champions, and regularly competes in local, state, national, and international Judo & Jiu Jitsu competitions.  Our track-record speaks for itself, having multiple current state-champions, and an average of no less than 5 judokas (juniors & seniors) ranked in the top-ten nationwide.

No Monthly Contracts

“No Monthly Contracts” speaks for itself.  Pay as you go, or take advantage of our pre-pay discount.  Month-to-month plans available for almost any age and any family size.  Membership is flexible and easy, and Drop-in’s are also available for a nominal $15 fee.  Check our membership page for pricing or contact us for more details.

No Cancellation Fees

Just like “No Monthly Contracts”, there are NO Cancellation Fees.  Membership is pre-paid by the month, so if you decide to skip a month, take some time off, or if Judo just isn’t right for you or your family member, you are free to cancel or take time off from your membership at any time.  Many families participate in other sports too, so an “on-again off-again” relationship may also fit your bill.  Our membership plan is extrememly simple – pay as you go.  Click here for more information.


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Tri-City Judo
Certainly!  If you or your child is interested in Judo, whether it be Developmental Judo for kids 3-6 years, Juniors/Beginners for 6 and up, or Adult/Advanced, just stop in the appropriate class time and give it a try!

If it’s your first time, athletic style clothing is most appropriate.  T-shirt and shorts is what most people wear.  Upon joining, you can purchase a Gi (blue or white for Judo; any color for Jiu Jitsu) from the Dojo or online.

No!  There is a General Release Waiver and COVID-19_Waiver that must be signed by a parent or legal guardian – simply because Judo and Jiu Jitsu are combat sports – but membership can be paid on a month-to-month basis.  We also offer a discount of 6 months for the price of 5 when paid up-front.

Yes!  Several of our Judo instructors offer personal training (private lessons) for adults and children.  Click HERE for a list of all of our instructors available for private lessons.  Private lessons are generally scheduled directly with the trainer, and are usually around one hour in length.  Fees vary by instructor.  Visit our Instructors page for more info.

Kids are welcome, but we do not have a child area or childcare.  Children should be supervised at all times.  Seating is limited.

Well, since membership is monthly, you simply stop coming at the end of your month!  If you decide to renew, just come back in again and pay for another month!  We have several members who juggle other sports or aspects of life and we are very flexible and accommodating for “on-again, off-again” customers.  Class sizes have been growing, however, and may be capped upon reaching maximum capacity.

The simplest way is just to show up a few minutes before the class you would like to attend (check our schedule here).  One of our helpful instructors or assistants will provide you (or your parent) with a release waiver, and a “club gi” may be borrowed until you are able to purchase your own.  Please note, club gi’s should not be taken home.  Please return any borrowed gi to an instructor at the end of your class.

To contact us by email to schedule a class, click here.

Absolutely!  Family members are welcome to watch you train, and are welcome on the mat too!  Family discounts are available!


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Take advantage of our Pre-Pay Special: Pre-Pay 5 months, get the 6th month free!

Individual Membership

  • Includes Judo & Muay Thai
  • Beginner thru Advanced
  • Gi and No-Gi Judo

2nd Family Member

  • Includes Judo & Muay Thai
  • Developmental thru Advanced
  • Gi and No-Gi Judo

3rd Family Member

  • Includes Judo & Muay Thai
  • Developmental thru Advanced
  • Gi and No-Gi Judo

4+ Family Members

+$15/month ea.
  • Includes Judo & Muay Thai
  • Developmental thru Advanced
  • Gi and No-Gi Judo

Developmental Judo

  • Stand-Alone Price
  • Boys & Girls Ages 4-5
  • Monday & Wednesday 5p-6p


Ready to make a life change? We’re thrilled to help you along your path to a fit and healthy life through the art of Judo. Our expert Senseis take great pride in helping achieve your goals.

**A General Release and COVID-19 Waiver must be on file for all participants, signed by Parent or Legal Guardian**


Please print the following documents, fill out, and bring to your first class.

General Release Waiver