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Interested in Judo for your little ones?
Looking for Martial Arts for Kids?  Or a self-defense they can rely on their whole life?
Does your child need an outlet for energy or emotions?
Want them to have a strong body, confidence, discipline, and self-control?

Think they may be too young for all that?

kids judo lessons

Maybe consider Developmental Judo!

Developmental Judo is for kids ages as young as 3 to about 6.
Learn Judo in a controlled environment with other young kids, and have fun at the same time!

junior developmental judo

Our Developmental Judo class is designed with the toddler in mind.  Kids that are able to focus and pay attention are great candidates for this class.  Children must be out of diapers and able to follow basic hygiene practices in class (no nose picking!).

kids learning judo

We teach your kids Judo at an early age in a fun and safe environment with other young learners.  While the class is generally designed for 4 and 5 year-olds, if your kid is especially small, or perhaps young but very attentive and capable, Developmental Judo is a perfect place to start their martial arts journey.

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In addition to many other benefits, Judo helps children develop mental focus, body awareness, discipline, strength, agility, self-confidence, and to learn to defend themselves against bullies or attackers.  First-timers are welcome, and we always have someone else who is new in class, so there is no reason to be nervous or afraid to try.  There’s probably someone there who just started the day before you.  Parents are empowered to address any nerves or tears, as you, as the parent, know’s what’s best for your child.  Once your child is ready, he or she can move into the regular beginners class.

judo for young kids
For more information on our Developmental Judo program, contact us today!

“Cowards Never Start. The Weak Never Finish. Winners Never Quit.”

Author Unknown

If it’s your first time, just wear something light and casual such as a t-shirt and shorts.  Exercise or “gym” attire is appropriate.  You may be provided a temporary “club Gi” until you are able to obtain one of your own.  TCJ can help order a gi for you, or you can buy one online. Students MUST have their OWN gi (uniform) within a week of joining.
• Typical attire is a judo or jiu-jitsu gi – either can be worn to class
• Long hair should be braided or tied up
• Fingernails and toenails should be clean and trimmed
• Body & hair should be clean, and your gi should be washed weekly
• No jewelry, including earrings, necklaces, watches/fitness trackers, & body piercings  – smooth wedding band ok

No Horseplay or Bullying!
No Shoes on the mat.
Bow when you enter and leave the mat.
Address the Judo instructor as “Sensei”.
Fingernails & Toenails MUST be clean & trimmed.
Wash your Gi weekly.
No Leaving Drinks or Sportsbottles in Fridge

Wash Gi (Uniform) Daily

Clean Hands and Feet (fingernails & toenails trimmed)

Foot Bath if Leaving Mat

Wear Gis to Dojo

No bottles left in fridge or Dojo

Shower before Class

Rashguards recommended under Gi

Masks not required but allowed