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Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on respecting each other and having fun while learning the art of Judo.

We do not tolerate rough play or bullies.

Learning the art of Judo is a lifelong journey.

Pushing you out of your comfort zone helps ensure you are always growing and learning, on and off the mat.

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    martial arts mom “My kids trained in another martial art before coming to Tri-City Judo.  I have been extremely impressed with the Instructors’ abilities to push them beyond their limits and raise the bar in their martial arts training.”
    – Erica Simms

    Judo Dad “I have trained Judo at Tri-City Judo for years.  I can honestly say the trainers are world-class!  My strength and endurance gains have been tremendous!”
    – Jeremy Gomez

    Martial Arts Judo Mom “The level of competition is very high here.  If you’re looking for martial arts day-care, this isn’t it.  But if you want to kick butt and take names, or at least ‘know” you could if you wanted to, this is the place to be.”
    – Sara Cruz

    Judo Competitor Dad “My daughter trains at this dojo.  I can’t think of any better gift a parent can give their child than training in martial arts.  Here, she learns self-defense skills and a special kind of confidence she will carry with her for her entire life.”
    – Jake Allen


    “Water can Flow and it can Crash. Be Water, my Friend.”



    Robert Borisch
    Robert BorischJudo Sensei
    Neal Hara
    Neal HaraJudo Sensei
    Randy Hirano
    Randy HiranoJudo Sensei
    Zachary Borisch
    Zachary BorischJudo Sensei
    Samuel Borisch
    Samuel BorischJudo Sensei
    Asia Borisch
    Asia BorischJudo Sensei
    Lalo Ruiz
    Lalo RuizAssistant Judo Sensei
    Sami Dufault
    Sami DufaultAssistant Judo Sensei
    Aaron Boyer
    Aaron BoyerAssistant Judo Sensei
    Ty Coleman
    Ty ColemanAssistant Judo Sensei
    Cole Holland
    Cole HollandAssistant Judo Sensei
    Bonnie Reyes
    Bonnie ReyesAssistant Judo Sensei

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